At WNS we believe that diversity is a journey – one where all of us are constantly trying to be better versions of ourselves. We understand that each person has a unique voice and the ability to outperform when provided with an equal opportunity and a nurturing environment. We therefore believe that our talent is not diverse, but diversity is in fact the source of our talent!

Yes, we hire the right talent – but more importantly, we make sure that we listen to them and include them in conversations. Many of the policies at WNS are interestingly based on ‘listening’ to feedback from the employees and executing them with faith.

We champion equal rights and opportunities to succeed with equal pay. We are sensitive to individual differences, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Every section of our workforce has a distinct part to play in the crafting of our business strategies.

Some of our unique people practices include:

The Centurion Program

Aimed at developing leadership skills among women employees globally, the Centurion Program selects women with talent and potential across WNS to groom for leadership roles. New avenues are explored to hone their capabilities, charter their career growth, and align aspirations and capabilities to opportunities.

The CEO Millennial Council

This platform gives our young and millennial employees - men and women - an opportunity to actively participate in the growth of our business and brand. They are enabled to share their unique perspectives and engage with the leadership team.

Referral Programs and Hiring Campaigns

WNS' commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion at the workplace is reflected in our initiatives. Be it our referral program that offers additional incentives for women employees, or our framework for mothers returning from maternity leave, at WNS, we embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business.