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Connecting you with people,
opportunities and ideas

WNS Envoy

Connecting you with people, opportunities, and ideas…

WNS Envoy is all about connecting, it is about what you can achieve through sustained relationships. The platform enables a global network of former WNSers, to remain engaged with the company. It provides you the opportunity to stay in touch with your favorite colleagues, establish new friendships and expand your professional network.

We don't call this an alumni network. And we have a good reason for it. Beyond your tenure at WNS, you are still a part of us, and together we can create wonders.


Culture and Life@WNS

At WNS, we cherish and celebrate a unique culture of co-creation, where everyone is creating an impact. We nurture our people with learning and career paths to grow into future leaders and decision makers. Quotes

Keshav R. Murugesh
Group CEO,
WNS Global Services