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At WNS, we have one goal and that is to OUTPERFORM. Across all our global locations, from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, Romania, China, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Poland, UK, USA and India, we encourage our employees to outperform in all their interests whether it is work or play.


We believe in the growth and development of our employees through a continual focus on providing clearly chalked out career paths and best-in-class learning solutions. We are a pioneer in launching online domain-based universities for employees with the intent of creating specialists.

The work culture we breathe is that of being open as individuals / employees and also as an organization. Life at WNS is interplay of enthusiasm, innovation, ambition and growth!


WNS has, over the years, carved a reputation for itself as a company that provides a stimulating and challenging environment for its employees. We are also the first organization in the industry to start a contest for encouraging entrepreneurial spirit!


It's a different world for sure, and you have to experience it to know more...

Life at WNS