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We at WNS believe in fostering a spirit of camaraderie between the ‘WNS today’ and the ‘WNS yesterday’. We have created this page in an attempt to reconnect you to today’s WNS and give you an overview of how things have evolved over time; and the new employee initiatives that have made the organization a great place to work for.
  • People Development Frameworks: We have introduced several people development frameworks aimed at creating, sustaining and growing successful associates, managers and leaders. These frameworks provide opportunities to acquire new skills based on roles and career paths.
    • Introduction of the LA TV – An innovative way of taking learning to our leaders who are on the move constantly. It involves sending insightful videos featuring thought leaders, CEOs and leadership coaches to the handheld devices (Blackberry and Smart Phones) of our leadership teams and giving them the opportunity to get insightful information while on the move.
    • Rise of the Phoenix Club – We have created this elite club, comprising our top talent who participate in various structured programs to help drive the next generation of the organization.
    • Formation of the Leadership Circle - A one-stop shop for the development needs of our senior Leaders, this leadership portal offers a choice of online resources and classroom sessions that have been pre-identified for blended learning.
  • Launch of Gateway – The WNS Domain University: WNS launched this online destination to build one of its core differentiators – domain expertise. The online platform will help retain and build intellectual property in each domain as well as offer learning paths for employees within and across business / industry domains.
  • Winning with WiNCUBATE: There is a hidden entrepreneur in most people who aspire make it big in the corporate world. We encourage this spirit of entrepreneurship and have launched “WiNCUBATE” – a first-of-its-kind initiative within WNS and the entire outsourcing industry that offers an entrepreneurial opportunity to employees while working with WNS.