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What makes a fabric of star performer
Keshav on the re-branding exercise by NASSCOM
NASSCOM has rightly identified the need to rebrand the BPO industry in order to attract top-drawer talent. The industry should have a dialog with the academic community and parents to convince them that BPO can be a career of choice.
Keshav Murugesh on the most popular show on NDTV Profit WE MEAN BUSINESS
With the re-election of President Obama, the debate over his anti-outsourcing stance and its impact on India have been re-ignited. NDTV Profit features Keshav R. Murugesh as a panelist on “We Mean Business”. While the discussion starts on a speculative note on Obama’s agenda for India, the panel consisting of speakers from KPMG, Nucleus Software and NASSCOM are seen aligning with Keshav’s positive and affirmative opinion on how the BPO industry continues and will continue to grow at a healthy pace, despite speculations and the outsourcing rhetoric. From an industry standpoint, Keshav strongly feels that the more we keep delivering value to the companies across the globe, the more we will get accepted. Outsourcing after all is a strategic enabler for businesses today.
Meaning Of out sourcing
Its Time to re-evaluate the meanng of outsourcing