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Wellcome to WNS Careers

WNS Careers

Career Growth
Experienced Professional

We have the distinction of being the first in the outsourcing industry to build a 'Job Architecture Framework' that lays a robust foundation for deploying, managing and honing our talent. We ensure that every employee at WNS contributes to our clients' success immensely, and at the same time, also grows as a professional.


Our 'Domain-based' universities ensure that even those who join us as generalists can make a shift to becoming specialists. We draw career paths based on the aspirations of our employees. Our career development process enables performance-driven growth and opportunities for lateral movement within WNS, for example, Insurance to Training / Quality.


We believe that reward and recognition are integral to honing the personality of an employee. Apart from rewarding one's success at work, we also provide a one-of-its-kind-in the industry platform called WiNCUBATE to recognize entrepreneurs within the organization. 


The opportunities to grow are immense within WNS for any professional who is keen to learn, willing to take new challenges and single-minded about success.

Career Growth